Another “Written for Me”

As usual at this time of year, job postings have dwindled. If a company can get a job posted, they probably have a hard time getting the search committee together and an even harder time scheduling interviews. So, my job search each morning has gone a little more quickly than in other times of the year. The good news about this is that there are a lot more quality jobs. I also suspect less of them will come back with “thank you for applying, but we have canceled the position” followed all too closely by a new wave of spam.

This one seems to be a wonderful fit to my skills and talents:

Technical Customer Service Training Specialist
Required Skills / Qualifications:
· Bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of education and experience
· Experience working with sever applications and network products
· Experience delivering both on-site and on-line presentations
· Proficient user of MS PowerPoint, MS Word, and MS Excel
· Experience developing interactive software content for training purposes
· Ability to define assessment tools along with content development
· Strong interpersonal skills · Strong comprehension skills for understanding products and applying knowledge to presentation
· Detail-oriented and have excellent critical thinking skills
· Ability to interface comfortably with all levels of management
· Excellent written, verbal, and presentation skills are essential
· Experience creating learning content from information gleaned from subject matter experts and user documentation
· Ability to set up technical equipment for student demonstrations or labs

Keeping my fingers crossed…