busy busy busy

Everyone is gearing back up and establishing their routines for 2010. The great news is: Everyone is so busy.

There are some great perks to this time of year: business seems to be booming, something we rarely felt in 2009 and certainly not in January of that year. Companies are hiring. It feels a little like spring has already sprung. I know that for me, January is already spinning out of control in a fabulous way. Coming down with a cold the last few days put me a little behind on projects before the big rush the week of January 18-24. So, I’m doing my best to play catch up and began checking emails at ~12noon in spite of my head’s preference to be anything but vertical.

There are some disadvantages, too. Everyone is so busy.

Organizations and other event-entities need to remember this. I got an email at 5:52am today reminding me to register for the first-I’d-heard-of-it luncheon this Friday. If a first announcement sent a few weeks ahead of the event email went out, it was during the holidays and got lost in the shuffle of email bacn (it’s not spam; it’s stuff you really want to receive, like emails from your favorite companies) and probably got deleted with all the other I-don’t-have-time-now emails that flooded our inboxes in the few days before the Big Day. Anyway, the deadline to register for the luncheon (with a speaker I wanted to research and four levels of ticket prices for members or not who plan to eat lunch with the group or not) was at 12noon today, just 6 hours after the email went out.

Within moments of the email, I also learned that a small start-up is hosting a gathering on the same night as a major organization’s monthly networking event. They must not recognize the overlap, but I think their attendance will be affected by this. I unknowingly did the same thing and scheduled an event for the same night as a meeting for an organization I’ve been meeting to attend/join.

So, tread steadily and keep your head above water…and don’t let anyone give you grief about missing a function if they only gave you a six-hour window or if they/I tried to double-book your calendar.