Interview for Education Coordinator

Today, I was booked for an interview to be an Education Coordinator for Girling (.com) Healthcare.

Because of the lag between applying and then the holiday season and then being selected for an interview, I’m going to have to go back to my job search notes and database to study the job description and prepare for the interview. I’m glad to see that they have a good website with a decent amount of information on it. They have kept things simple/elegant in the design, so information is easy to locate.

I like what I know so far about the team with whom I’d be working. They are organized and communicative. When they called to schedule the interview and got my voice mail, they followed up with an immediate email. When I returned their call, the system wouldn’t put my call through, so the follow-up email was an important communication tool. I replied to the email with my availability within their interview days. By return email, I got an electronic calendar appointment that was easy to accept and add to my own calendar.

I’m looking forward to studying the company and prepping for the interview.