Excel Tip: Zoom to Fit

Are your eyes tired from all the lines of numbers? Are you scrolling too much? Excel can zoom to fit your window.

  • Highlight the section you are reviewing.
  • Get the pulldown for the zoom, and choose Selection.
  • Ta Da! A perfect fit!
Prefer a visual? Click for a one-minute how-to.

What if the area is so big that you can’t scroll with the mouse without losing control? Then, use the keyboard to select.

  • Click in the last cell in the bottom right corner that you want in your selection. I even go one column and one row past my last cell to give little right-hand and bottom margins to the work.
  • Cmd-Shift Up Arrow and Cmd-Shift Left Arrow. (Ctrl-Shift, if using a PC.)
    Repeat, if necessary. Depending on your data layout, one Up or Left may not be enough to get to Row 1 or Column A. If you have a lot of blank rows/columns in your layout, you could just hold the Cmd-Shift Up/Left Arrow until Row 1/Column A is highlighted.
  • Everything from your last cell to Cell A1 is now selected.
  • Without clicking in the worksheet (which would de-select your selection), click the pulldown for the zoom, and choose Selection.

Bookmark this tip, you’re going to wonder where you read it when you get ready for income taxes!