Excel Training

I have had several requests lately for Excel training, which is great since it’s my favorite software of all time! So, I thought I’d save some of you some emails and re-cap what I can offer.

Personal Training

  • We’ll meet at a library or coffee shop for a personalized learning experience
  • Two-hour lessons: $40. Half-day (4-hour) workshops: $75.

Group Training

  • Have your IT gal set up your conference room, and I’ll come train your staff.
  • While rates vary based on size and needs, ten staff members for a half day generally runs about $300.


I have several years experience training adults in the classroom setting and in one-on-one private tutorials. I’m also the go-to gal among all my friends for many of their software questions and editing tasks.

Email me today for a free email consultation to see if I’m a good fit to your learning needs.