Excel’s Weekday Function

Excel is quite handy for making schedules, but sometimes you need to know more than just the date; you need to know the day of the week.

Excel uses serial numbers for each date. For this reason, we can do math with dates (i.e. “yesterday” plus 2 equals “tomorrow”).

Sometimes, we need to know the day of the week from a given date. We can accomplish this task with a series of nested IF statements.

Since this function

=weekday([date cell reference])

yields a number 1-7, we can use that in combination with the IF statements to see the weekday in any form we like.

Lets assume that the weekday function runs in column C. Let’s also assume that row 1 is being used for the title of each column. Cell D2 could use this function to show the day of the week.


Next, we fill that formula down for the rest of the column. Since we are using relative cell addresses, the same formula will adjust for row 3, row 4, etc.

Then, if column C is in the way,  simply Hide it.