Business Cards Sale!

I recently completed a business card project for a friend. I had forgotten how much I like design work. I was thrilled to learn how happy she was the day they arrived on her doorstep and how excited she was for how beautifully they turned out. Seeing them on a screen is one thing; holding them your hand is a whole other thing!

To that end, I’m running a sale on business cards. If you have a need, let me know and I’ll get to work on a set just for you.

You simply:

  • Provide the content: name/title/phone/email/website
  • Provide images: headshot/logo/products

Then I will:

  • Design your cards
  • Provide image(s) of the cards for editing (one pass included)
  • Order them and have them ship straight to you

The Cards

  • 15pt stock
  • double-sided, if desired
  • rounded corners, if desired
  • UV Gloss, Spot UV Gloss (or other coatings as needed for the purpose), if desired

Regular and Sale Pricing

  • $90 $48 for 100 cards
  • $120 $87 for 250 cards
  • $180 $138 for 500 cards
  • $285 $216 for 1000 cards
  • deeper discounts in larger quantities
  • shipping prices vary (usually $8-20) depending on need-by date
  • Texas State sales tax is applicable to the total on this product

Contact me today with your specs and let’s get to work on a card that will make you stand out.