• Microsoft Office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Presentation Skills


  • Resumes, cover letters,recommendations
  • Articles for print publication or blog submission
  • Brochures, fliers, and other marketing materials
  • Slides for speaking engagements
  • Press Releases

Writing and Technical Writing

  • Marketing copy for websites, brochures, postcards, etc.
  • Annual reports
  • Participant Manuals, Training Guides, Reference Manuals, Train-the-Trainer Guides
  • Layout and formatting

Assistant – Virtual or Live in Person

  • Repair/maintenance: research service providers, collect bids, oversee¬†trades, etc.
  • Research: purchases, solutions, gather data, etc..
  • ToDo: phone/email, tasks, ship packages, etc..
  • Organize: sort papers, books, music, household items, and more. Prep items for sale, donation, or recycling.
  • Website: content updates, WordPress admin, social media accounts, etc..


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Editing & Proofreading


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