Google Search Features

Google Search Features

Google has some powerful Search Features for a wide range of applications.

  • Everyday tools like weather
  • Reference tools like unit conversion
  • Keyword tools like synonyms
  • Local tools like movie showtimes
  • Health tools like poison control
  • Trip tools like flight schedules
  • Query refinements like fill in the blank
  • Number tools like package tracking

The real beauty of these tools is that they work in any Google search box/bar.


Set the search box (top right corner of many broswers) to Google and you can do all of these without even opening a new tab or window!

Google Search Features

Advanced Searching in Google

Advanced Searching in Google

Some sites are so chock full of information, that it’s difficult to find certain topics even within the site. Google’s Advanced Search can help.

I wanted to see what Lifehacker said earlier this week about the Agenda app for the iPhone. However, the site has many (amazing) writers giving a lot of good information. I knew it was Lifehacker through Twitter, but a quick view of the site didn’t return that (now old) information.

In Google’s search bar, type the keywords. If you don’t immediately see what you need, click the link near the search bar for “Advanced search”.

In the Advanced Search, you can specify the site, date, and other information. I knew I wanted to search within The site is also very full from years or so many good writers, so I also chose the date of within the past week.

Just like that, I had my article.


If you’re rather type than click (or wait for another page to load), put the criteria in the Google search bar yourself.

iphone app agenda calendar

…which returns my article fourth in the list.

Google Advanced Search


For those who love social media as much as we do, you have to check out Google+ (Google Plus). Never fear if you don’t yet have an invitation to join someone’s circle, you will soon.

Either way, see what ReadWriteWeb offers regarding the way Google+ works! Dan talks about Circles, the Stream and Bumping, Photos, the Profile, and Sparks & Hangouts.

It’s a great primer!