Intermediate Word

You already know that Word can check your spelling for you and how to format a basic document. But what if the project were bigger (that great novel you’ve been meaning to start) or subject to frequent change (“Can you believe this? Now, the boss wants pink, blinking, polka-dotted font for all of the section titles! Shoot me!“) I’ll gather some “intel.” to see what you already know and then customize an Intermediate Word session just for you. Topics are likely to include:

  • Find and replace
  • Styles (so the boss’ umpteenth design whim–er, ahem, change–won’t make you want to hide her sunscreen!)
  • Bullets and numbering
  • Sections and section breaks
  • Headers and footers across sections
  • Tracking changes
  • Version control “for dummies” (again, for the boss!)

Advanced Word

If your knowledge is more advanced, we might also get into:

  • Find and replace “on crack” (hold onto your seats, this ride might get bumpy!)
  • Mail merges with envelopes
  • Tables of contents, indicies, foot/endnotes

Word is more powerful than most people realize. Put it to work for you instead of working against it!

And, if you are the boss, my apologies for the jokes herein; we’ve all been there! I’m good at teaching you, too, and would never, ever, betray the secrets of your “a ha!” moments a.k.a. learning methods. 😉


I have several years experience training adults, teaching Word in the classroom setting, and in one-on-one private tutorials. I’m also the go-to gal among all my friends for their Word questions.


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