I offer a variety of copywriting services for marketing pieces–like websites and brochures, and informative publications–like annual reports.

  • Newsletters *
  • Flyers *
  • Email copy for standard communication with clients (and “canned responses” in Gmail)
  • Brochures *
  • Instructional manuals for your internal operations and how-to guides for your clients
  • the Colophon for your book, newsletter, or website
  • the About page for your website
  • the Annual Report for your company
  • Biography set (includes three sizes to fit a variety of purposes)
    • a longer biography for submission in professional publications, like the program when you’re giving a keynote address
    • a medium-size version for website bios on sites like linkedin.com or  the dust jacket on your next book
    • a small version that can be used as a tag line or for short bios on sites like twitter.com
  • Booklets (usually 8 pages or more of content)
  • Books (usually 40 pages or more)
  • Landing page copy for your website

Sample Project Pricing

I can provide a customized bid/estimate for any unusual project. For your estimation budgeting purposes, this list could be handy:

  • $90 per article (~500 words, website pages)
  • $30 per post (~150 words, blog posts)
  • $440 per story (magazines, etc.)
  • $30 per hour for editing
  • $90 per page/side/panel
  • smaller-sized publications may qualify for $90 per side/spread/quad
A single page is typically defined as an 8.5×11″ page with standard margins and spacing, ~250 words.

Payment Details

  • Pay online (50% up front, 50% upon completion).
  • Two-day turnaround in many cases!
* Basic design services are available if you don’t already have a graphic designer. Of course, if you can squeak that out of your budget, we highly recommend working with a local professional designer and can refer you to one of several talented Austinites.

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