Information Technology Career Fair

The IT Career Fair, hosted by Texas Workforce Solutions, was a nice little event. Attendees had to be vetted to enter, which helped keep the crowd not only semi-manageable in size (as best they can with so many out of work IT professionals in this city), but also kept the environment much more professional. I appreciate the extra work TWC put into making sure this would have a career feel and not just a job feel.

The event was tiny. There were perhaps 15 organizations in attendance. The fair room was so small that they had to let us in in waves. Even that was too crowded for my tastes. Maybe when my schedule allows, I’ll try to attend closer to the middle or end of the next fair.

Most of the jobs were for programmers, so there was not anything there that was a fit for me, but it was on my way to Launch Pad, so it didn’t take a significant amount of my time to stop by.

I am sad to say that I didn’t meet anyone at this event. I was on time for the event and waited in a large group for them to let us in. And, 9am is “early” in this city. Still, everyone seemed extremely focused, to the point of tunnel vision. I’d have liked the chance to make a connection or two.

I wish the other seekers had seemed friendlier.  Here’s my little piece of advice for anyone job searching. You will go in the door with a more positive attitude if you engage in friendly conversation while you wait. Hardly anyone there is your real competition for that job. What are the odds you are going to chat it up with someone with your exact same skill set?

I guess the Job Club mindset is rubbing off on me. 🙂