I’m Already Home

Earlier in the week, I got a phone call that I thought was probably a hoax. The unusual area code coupled with some other clues made me thing it was probably not real/worthy. But, when they called back, they seemed to be legit.

Like with many recruiters, they called, and we chatted. Then, we exchanged a fresh job description and updated resume by email. From the job-seeker perspective, it seems those two things help prove that I’m really who I say I am. In talking about the role, I wondered, “Could it be?”. I figured the odds were too astronomical and shifted to, “Naaaahhhh…”

I had a first/HR interview for a Technical Writing gig with a small/local company. Turns out, it’s a business where I am a new customer! Bonus: the HR office is about a “city block” from where I live.

I was told it would be a couple of days before I knew about a second interview, but it’s already on the books for next week. The location isn’t quite as close, but I still wouldn’t battle much/any traffic. Furthermore, it’s the location where I do most of my business.

It sure feels like I’m already home!