Saying “no” to the Short List

Greg Savage has a great video and post on why a candidate might reject a short list.

We’ve all be there at one time or another, whether as a candidate or a member of the hiring committee. There is an interview that just didn’t “sit right” with us. Sometimes, we can provide tangible answers. Other times, it’s a gut feeling that we can’t quite put a finger on.

My advice: trust your gut. As a candidate, don’t take the job–even for survival [1]–if you have any uneasy feelings. Something about your mind and heart picked up on what the left side of your brain missed while you were staying on your very best behavior and anticipating the next question. As a recruiter or employer, don’t let the paper view of a candidate override your impression of him from his interview.

A bad personality fit never works. It’s okay if that is the problem. Not everyone works well with everyone else. If you see a more than one candidate rejecting your company, then consider what Greg has to say about your team.

[1] If you need a survival job, become a barista or temp. Don’t let a bad fit ruin your career.