small brass key

from @writingprompt: small brass key

Clearing out her mother’s things was low on her list of wants, but high on her list of needs.  She had to get things in order and get the house ready to sell in accordance with the terms of her mother’s will.

In the top of a closet, way on the back of the shelf was a wooden box. It was one of those little cedar chests that the trunk people used to give graduating high school girls. The key protruded from the front of the box just begging the finder to open the box.

So, once down from the step ladder, she opened the box. Inside, wrapped in a piece of silk, was a small brass key. The box was certainly large enough to hold photos and other memories, but this little key was the only resident. These were swanky digs for something so small: ample and spacious, and hugged in silk to keep it safe and comfortable.

She sad on the bed to ponder. What could this key belong to? Why was it so well-hidden? Where among all her mother’s papers would the answer lie?

So, what do you think? What will the key open?