They’re Ruining WiFi

MacBook Air in a coffee shop with WiFi

I get a lot more done during the day if I go somewhere than I do if I stay home. So, I’m pretty familiar with all the WiFi spots near me. I know which ones have a good/strong signal, which ones nag for multiple logins, which places have good food, and even which of my favorites beers are on draft where…for that 5pm reward for a hard day’s work!

Coffeeshop Office in Japan

I’m also a courteous customer. I always order something. I usually have a meal just before or after a peak time for the business. And, I don’t stay if there aren’t free tables during these peak times unless I have put food on my tab. I know that the free WiFi is a benefit, not a right. I know that it’s a perk for customers. I know they use it as a draw to get people in the door to spend money. I follow these same rules even at fast food joints.

This week, I hit one of my infrequent standbys. I love Kerbey Lane, so I occasionally treat myself.

I was a little befuddled when my MacBook Pro didn’t remember the password for the WiFi, but figured they had just changed it. I even wondered if they no longer had WiFi for customers. Turns out, they have had to set it on timers that turn it off during peak hours.

So, some inconsiderate customers ruined it for me: one customer at a tiny table in the bar area (where they don’t seat people unless the customer requests this spot). There are ~always empty seats in the bar area. Plus, I spent $15 on my appetizer, dessert, and Diet Coke; certainly comparable to any other person’s lunch tab. And, I tip well. In my opinion, a nice tip is part of the deal when you make heavy use of the free WiFi.)

Considerate, Courteous Customers

  • place an order
  • order food, too
  • tip well
  • be gracious
  • show respect for your server
  • keep to a tiny table so the restaurant can keep large (or free-standing) tables free for parties of five or more
  • if anyone is waiting for a table, leave
  • take phone calls and video conferences elsewhere (take calls outside; plan video conference in an office setting)
  • leave before the next rush

Respect that others around you are dining and are on a break from work.