Website Woes

I have a new client. He runs a local business with a small staff. He hates his website. His story is one that I hear so very often…and it’s one that needs to be told.

He got taken. The “big” company that sold him the domain name and server space conned him into a hefty monthly fee in exchange for them “doing all the work”. If by “doing all the work” they meant copy/pasting his text into one of their templates/themes, then that’s true. He had to do all the writing. They provided some stock imagery and a theme.

So, I’m setting him up with a locally-owned company, setting his site up in WordPress, moving his content, and (once he’s ready) re-pointing his domain name to the new site. The hefty fee he’ll save means my work will pay for itself in about six months. Plus, he’ll have a site that he likes, that he can control, that he can update, and that he can change if needed.

So many people out there have ugly websites that they hate. I think they don’t make the change because they fear how daunting or expensive it will be. It should not be either of those things!

One more bonus: I also offer affordable writing service and maintenance plans. So, no matter the budget or desires to delegate, I can help.

Hate your site? Or worse, don’t have one? Then let’s chat. Shoot me an email!