Good Passwords, simplified

In my previous posts on passwords, I got very technical and “in the weeds”. This is a simplified version of the same concepts.

  1. Avoid any common words, even names.
  2. Use a combination of lowercase, UPPERCASE, num63rs, and $ymbol$.
  3. A line from a song is a great way to create a unique password
    You might use Katy’s Perry’s song “Last Friday Night” from the album Teenage Dream:
    “Pictures of last night ended up online
    I’m screwed
    Oh Well”
  4. ….which makes this “acronym”
  5. …and when you trade out a few numbers/symbols/UPPERCASE, you get

It’s complex, can fool most algorithm “hackers”, and is easy to remember if it’s a song/pattern of your choosing.

…now you’ll be singing along to your login, which is pretty fun to do!