Website Woes

I have a new client. He runs a local business with a small staff. He hates his website. His story is one that I hear so very often…and it’s one that needs to be told.

He got taken. The “big” company that sold him the domain name and server space conned him into a hefty monthly fee in exchange for them “doing all the work”. If by “doing all the work” they meant copy/pasting his text into one of their templates/themes, then that’s true. He had to do all the writing. They provided some stock imagery and a theme.

So, I’m setting him up with a locally-owned company, setting his site up in WordPress, moving his content, and (once he’s ready) re-pointing his domain name to the new site. The hefty fee he’ll save means my work will pay for itself in about six months. Plus, he’ll have a site that he likes, that he can control, that he can update, and that he can change if needed.

So many people out there have ugly websites that they hate. I think they don’t make the change because they fear how daunting or expensive it will be. It should not be either of those things!

One more bonus: I also offer affordable writing service and maintenance plans. So, no matter the budget or desires to delegate, I can help.

Hate your site? Or worse, don’t have one? Then let’s chat. Shoot me an email!


Skinny Supposedly Sells

Skinny Supposedly Sells

We’ve all seen websites and emails with huge “white space” on the edges…forcing you to scroll like mad just to read a few short paragraphs.

Skinny Supposedly Sells

If you’ve ever wondered why sites are designed this way, it’s because someone did some study that “proves” these perform better. According to what I was taught, they even went so far as to determine exactly where images and a call to action should be placed for better conversion. Whether it’s selling a product or getting people to join an email list for a product or service, the study showed a greater rate of return.

I don’t believe the results, exactly.

In my opinion, this style talks down to its audience. It resembles the style of children’s books and early readers. I find it annoying to have to scroll just to read a short message. Finally, the only time I heard this style defended, it was by an incompetent web designer and marketer.

So, I suspect the study measured products and services that target an undereducated segment of our population. The immature style is successful with an immature audience. If a product or service wants me to pay attention, then they need to treat me like a well-educated potential client.